How long does photo day take to photograph?

Depends on a few variables ie. amount of children, rooms etc but as a guide we can have 2 photographers photograph 50 children in one morning session.

What time do you start each morning?

Unless requested otherwise, our Sandpit Photos team will arrive around 8:30am.

What time will you be finished photographing for that day?

Once we have photographed all the children who need to be photographed for that day we are packed up and out of your hair. And usually no later than lunch time 12pm each day.

How long until we can see our portraits?

We have a strict 3 week turnaround on all of our kindy portraits. This part of the service is guaranteed and in 15 years, we have never been late!

Can the parents order reprints and gifts? 

All families have 2 opportunities to order extra prints. Firstly, all payment envelopes supplied have a separate area for extra prints, coffee cups etc. Plus, 2 weeks after the photographs are returned all images are uploaded to our online gallery where parents can browse and pick their products.

Do I have to book in a time for photos?

No you don’t. We will get a chance to photograph every child who attends the centre and work the times in with the centre staff and other activities.

What should my child wear for photo day?

Your typical, everyday kindy wear. We find that the more natural the children feel the more relaxed their portraits become.

My child doesn’t attend the centre on the days booked for photo day, can I still be involved?

If the Sandpit Photos photo day is not a kindy day for you don’t worry, we always allow for extras on the day. Just ask your centre director for the best possible time to attend and we will ensure your child is photographed individually and in the class photo.