family memories

Portraits with your loved ones remain an asset to the family for the decades to come. When you capture special moments to create memories to savour, the experience can be rewarding indeed! However, most families find themselves out of ideas when they try to get started. You might be worried about innovating new poses, proper lighting, and most importantly, how you can get the entire group together in a frame. No wonder, why so many Australians hire family portrait fundraising specialists to get the task done!

We have outlined some guidelines that would help you capture beautiful family portraits.

How to capture a great family portrait?

Focus on lighting

The secret to good photography lies in acquiring some basic knowledge about lighting. Make sure that the subject’s eyes don’t reflect the light.

  • The best time to take portraits is late evening. With the sun lower down in the horizon, the harsh light won’t mess up the photos.
  • If you can’t carry out the photo session at dusk, get some shade. So, pose with your family members away from the sun, like under trees or a building. Take care not to light up the background. In case the background has excessive light, the attention will move away from your subjects.
  • Use a flash or a reflector for adding some light. Professional photographers can bail you out with these efforts.

Work on posing flaws

Do you know that mistakes while posing constitute the core reason for most flaws in family portraits? Here’s what family portrait fundraising Sydney specialists focus on.

  • Make the camera angle a little higher while clicking someone with double chin. This should be above the eye level of the subject. As the subject looks into the camera, the neck would stretch and this would minimize the chin area.
  • While shooting someone with a heavy bottom part, make sure that the person doesn’t walk away from a wide-angle lens.
  • If someone has a bump on the nose, it should become conspicuous if he or she looks sideways. Therefore, be careful about your camera angle to make it look natural.
  • Now, if you are shooting a couple with an abnormal height difference, tell the taller person to stretch the feet. This way, he or she would appear a bit shorter, marginally slashing the height difference.

Expression speaks in portraits

While lighting and posing are superficial, expression comes naturally. Without a jovial expression, portraits might seem too ordinary. Professional photographers are prudent enough to crack jokes at the right time, making people laugh. Experience teaches them to say something that can make your family members look jolly.

This tactic may work on younger people, but you might come across gloomy-looking adults who refuse to smile. In these situations, try to get the kids involved with the elders. As they divert their attention to the younger ones, their bond evokes a natural smile!

Hire professional photographers for captivating family portraits

Photo sessions with your family can be fun. However, you need a professional touch when it comes to family portraits. This explains why specialized photographers handle these projects to elicit the best mix of expression, pose, and appearance. With these tips, you would be cherishing the moments clicked with your family members in the years to come.