Family Portrait Photographers

Family Portrait Photographers for Natural photos in Western Sydney

Are you looking for the best Family Portrait Photographers for natural photos in Western Sydney? Sandpit Photos not only has nature in its name, we try to keep our work as natural as possible. We offer unmatched family portrait photography services throughout Sydney and its suburbs.

Our experienced team has decades of combined experience in family portrait photography. We are fully qualified and regularly trained to keep up-to-date with the latest trends while following the proven and time-tested best-practices in our trade. From checking our portfolio to the results of your photo session, our clients always mention the difference they notice in our work.

The Art of Family Portrait Photography

Family portrait photography is an artistic and creative craft. It goes beyond the trade of shooting with a camera. At Sandpit Photos, our goal is to keep it as natural as possible while adding the touch of our unique style and art.

Laughing, love, giggling, chaos, and silliness are part of natural family photography. It is these natural elements that make your family so unique. With each photo session, we are focused on capturing the personality and character of each family member through a combination of expressions. Our experienced and well-trained eyes observe and capture the beauty and dynamics of the special interactions between your family members. We love to interfere less with the genuine interactions between you that create those candid and authentic moments, creating family keepsakes that last forever.

How Do We Make a Difference?

We try our best to retain the natural flow in all our family portrait photo sessions. But as Family Portrait Photographers, it is our job to offer you different ways in which your photos can be taken. If you desire a more personal and intimate look, you may have the photos taken in your home or your favourite location.

Families with newborn babies usually prefer a more structured and controlled environment. This can mean a beautiful photo session in our studio. We still make the sessions in our studio to be creative, special, and fun.

There are many family photography packages for you to choose from. Capture and showcase the most memorable pictures by choosing from options including vibrant colourful portrait photography, black and white photography, acrylics, custom requirements, and more.

Planning Location & Wardrobe

An important part of our job is to pick up a venue that makes your family feel good. We want you to enjoy some time in each other’s company before the photo session begins. As experienced Family Portrait Photographers, we understand how important to build the perfect chemistry between family members for a successful portrait photo-shoot. We know many great locations in Western Sydney to perfectly suit your taste.

When it comes to deciding on outfits, you will find our vast experience to be a treasure trove of knowledge. We are always focused on making things simpler and less complicated for our clients. From discussing all the different ideas, we also offer a “what-to-wear” guide.

Family Portrait Photography Sessions

Once the family portrait photography session begins, we will take over everything. We will focus on creating a relaxing atmosphere to allow your family members to get into your authentic and natural personality.

We help create moments that will become a fond memory of times you will want to cherish. Through experience, we understand that these sessions are meant to be as fun as possible. We will capture all the shots you are seeking, highlighting all the special interactions and chemistry that make your family special.

It will take us a week or so to meet again to review the final results – the photographs. You can make the choices and determine what you want to order including prints, albums, art, and/or digital.

Our Unique Touch

A beautiful thing about hiring Family Portrait Photographers is that every photographer has a unique style and touch. From the way we use the camera to how we interact with you, to our experience, everything leaves a unique imprint on the experience and the output. To us, it is all about getting an authentic expression from each family member when completing our work. So, it is mostly less about us and more about you and your family.

Please call us at (02) 9979 9334 to talk about your family portrait photography goals and preferences.