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Why is Making Family Memories Important?

family memories

Why is making family memories important? Regardless of our actions, memories have a way of building themselves. But the negative ones have a strong lasting power. Such power can be contradicted by the parents by creating positive memories with their kids.

While our kids, especially teenagers, are under stress, those positive memories help them a lot to remember that situations are not always pretty awful or challenging.

You can help your kids in growing with positive memories through the following ways:

Taking family pictures with your kids

You should do activities that make everyone laugh and enjoy. Like, you can go out during the rain and splash into the puddles or you can make a fort for them with the cushions.

You can do such things to create happy times and in turn happy memories. You can also get a professional family portrait clicked of your happy moments.

Pictures are one of the best ways for reviving the old positive memories besides being one of the most important ways of creating them.

Get into adventures

Like negative memories, the unusual adventures also have a tendency of standing out in the human mind. You do not have to spend thousands of money for planning something adventurous.

If you do anything with a light heart along with a sense of adventure then every activity can turn memorable. Everyday activities can be planned in a fun and adventurous way.

Highlight the positive approaches and behavior of your child

By building a child to be emotionally healthy would help him to balance during tough times. This can be done by balancing their tough times through positive comments.

Notice their best efforts and pay attention to their positive sides, and also show interest in the things they are interested in.

Creating big deals about little things

Try to make a bug into a BUG. Like, if you walk by a bug, then definitely it won’t be memorable. But if you stop by it and look at it closely and notice its legs and where it is going, then it would definitely be a memorable event with your children.

Such every day new things are definitely important for your growing child.

Every night check out some time for being grateful

Taking the positive things for granted is a usual human habit. But studies show that the people who take some time before going to sleep and write down some good memories of the day or are thankful to God for certain particular situations of their day, due to which they are grateful, tend to be more resilient, optimistic and emotionally healthy.

You might create a journal of your family where every member will note something good which happened to them during the whole day for which they are glad.

So, keep on creating good and positive memories with your children and keep some moments frozen through photos with Children Photographers Sydney. These family portraits would help you to cherish the happy memories later on.

Even some research shows that the happy times with the parents, help to create feelings of self-worth and self-confidence in children.

What is the Best Way to Take a Family Portrait?

Family portrait

If you don’t have much experience with Family portrait photography, there is no need to worry. You can also do it right. Family portraits are important and are treasured forever. Getting them right is always a priority for people. You will require something more than a great camera to capture the perfect shots.

The following tips can help you shoot great Family portrait pictures.

1. Close Gaps

Most of the time, you will be taking traditional group shots. You should try to squeeze family members as close as possible to create a sense of closeness. Any gaps will decrease the feeling of intimacy.

2. Use Manual Exposure Mode

If you set up the exposure in Aperture/Shutter priority, the camera can use different exposure for different frames. It is recommended to maintain consistency by using Manual Mode.

Same of the advantages of using manual mode exposure include:

  • Reducing post-processing work
  • Preventing colour shifts
  • Decreasing noise

Every time you change the location, pose, and other factors, re-check the exposure.

3. Pose to Flatter

Get the family members to pose in ways that flatter their physical features. For example, if someone is fat they will not like their shots no matter how you adjust the lighting or other factors.

The key is to play with the right poses to hide their flaws and bring their best features out.

  • If someone has double chins, use a higher camera angle so that they have to look up and stretch their chin and neck.
  • If someone has a pear-shaped body, avoid posing them walkway away.
  • If they have a bump on a nose, shoot from another side to hide it.
  • If there is a big height difference between a couple, ask the taller person to stand with their feet apart.
  • If someone is heavy and is self-conscious about it, ask them to lie down in the grass and get the kids to pile on top.

4. Let Kids be in their Natural State

When it comes to Family portrait photography, it is common for parents to ask children to behave and smile. That puts most kids in the state of ‘performing’ or acting. The right way to go about it is to let kids be in their natural state.

  • If children don’t want to sit and smile, there is no need to force them
  • Let them play and have fun and shoot that
  • When you cooperate with them, there is a good chance they will sit for some time for the photo-shoot

Make funny noises, sing songs, and make funny facial gestures to get the kids interested and engaged in the session.

5. Capture Share Family & Group Portraits with Right Focus

Right focus is important for capturing sharp family and group portrait photos. It is recommended to follow these tips to achieve the desired results:

  • Make sure organizing and shooting are managed by different individuals
  • Ask everyone to line-up their toes to prevent the common problem of individuals at the ends curling up to form a U-shape
  • If multiple rows are required, ask the people in the two rows to be as close as possible. If you can avoid multiple rows, it will be better.
  • If there are multiple rows, the focus must be on the person in the front and center

It is important to choose the right aperture when shooting a Family portrait. Keep in mind that the highest number is not the sharpest aperture for a lens. It is in the range f/8 to f/11. And if you have to get everyone in a large group in a single picture, you should target this range.

Photographer Tips: A Successful Family Photo Session

A family photo session can be photographer’s responsibility that is big to take.

This particular session may lead to stressful situations. However, when you know some tricks, a family photo session becomes a pleasant and fun session.

Family Photo Session Tips

They are an excellent platform or opportunity to capture photographs that are all about of abundant love and joy.

Appointment at a convenient time for children

This could make the organisation process complex , but it is worth respecting the children’s natural rhythm. Children who are tired, drowsy or hungry are difficult to manage.

It is nearly impossible to get them to be in sync or cooperate or even to feel excited about the photo.

Try to combine a good time for children and a time frame with a beautiful light. This means that early morning photo shoots.

Nonetheless, every family is different. Each family arrange different schedule , which means you can adjust the photo session that suits each family’s preference.

Advise on family photo outfit

Amongst the most mainstream question prior to each photo shoot is “How should we dress ourselves?” The idea is that all members of the family should appear coordinated to convey a sense of unity or togetherness.

This means suggesting them wearing the same clothing style. Everyone can look casual, or everyone can wear elegant-looking clothing style with the same colours or shades.

Tell the family how to pose

There is always the risk that a family of three people will understand your placement instructions in four different ways. If this occurs, the situation can become a headache. Each person would do something different.

One of the ways to prevent this is that you should keep your instructions simple and try to be as exact and clear.

You can use your body to give examples of posing, standing, or etc. You can even go ahead and showcase your poses if you can. Posing is not something natural to the majority of people. Some family members (if not all) may feel a little uncomfortable.

This discomfort will appear in the photo and display a false appearance. Rather than directing and guiding them how to pose–you can organise the session and plan your activities such as running, dancing, walking, playing, leaning on a wall, hiding behind a tree and looking on your side, hugging, making shapes, playing games, and other activities.

Interact with your clients

The majority of families do not casually pose for professional photos. If you want to go for natural-looking family photos, in addition to the photography’s technical aspects, you should also be attentive  to how they are comfortable with you. Try playing and talking with children as much as you can. With adults, strike up a conversation about random topics until you can sense that they are into the conversations. The ice broke and you are ready to get out there.

 Try to take more than one photo

All photographers know the terrible feeling of taking a group photo and then realise that something is wrong with the photo. Someone was seen to close their eyes or was not ready to take the picture. For this reason, if you have a family photograph, do not put all your eggs in one basket.

Taking multiple pictures increases your chances that at least one person is coordinating. Like at a sporting event, you can setup an adjustment for the camera setting to shoot in burst mode to capture a sequence of images. Do not forget to set the shutter speed to avoid unwanted motion blur effects.

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